Just 5 Macrame Plant Hangers So Plant Parents Can Spoil Their Green Babies

1. A colorful no-tassel macrame plant hanger handcrafted from recycled cotton featuring a minimalist wooden ring to make displaying your greenery from a ceiling or wall hook easy peasy.

Image of several different colored macrame planters
Model holding the white macrame planter

2. A practical macrame hanger with a wooden base if you’d prefer something solid to support your beloved Pothos plant (that you’ve become way too attached to).

Reviewer image of plant hanging above bathtub
Reviewer image of bottom of planter

3. A stylish hanging macrame plant holder without tassels ideal for anyone with curious pets who might mistake a tassel for a new toy.

Reviewer image of the white macrame hanger
Reviewer image of white and brown plant hanger

4. A handmade wooden stick and macrame cotton plant hanger available in 24 different shades to effortlessly match the colorways of your home or maybe even add a *pop* of color to an unadorned wall!

Image of four different colored macrame hangers
Image of several different colored macrame hangers

5. A set of three macrame hangers boasting tassels and earthy tones that’ll allow you to spend less time worrying about your plants falling down and more time just ~hanging~ out with ’em.

Reviewer image of three plant hangers
Reviewer image of three plant hangers
You, adding a fun tidbit about yourself to your profile while surrounded by all your plant babies in their little macrame beds.

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